About Hyperwave Content

Hyperwave Content is the Content Marketing division of Hyperwave Media Group Ltd.
Operations are based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, however we service clients worldwide.

If it’s one thing I hate, it’s bad content.

Jeremy Shantz

We have a simple philosophy at Hyperwave: Make better content. Period.

About Hyperwave Content – Humble Beginnings

Hyperwave Content began in 2022 as a division of Hyperwave Media Group Ltd. However, it existed as far back as 2014, using the name Ark Mountain Corporation. The founder of Ark Mountain Corporation, Jeremy Shantz, originally started the company as an online paintball supplies retailer. After a year, Jeremy realized that the online retail game was not one he wished to continue his efforts, and he shifted the company into a holding status while he plotted his next business venture.

In April of 2020, with the ensuing pandemic crushing down on civilization, Jeremy was laid off from his position in management at a local overhead door company due to downsizing in response to a lack of work at the company. In his spare time, he had already begun plans for Ark Mountain in 2018, starting online writing services as a freelancer while learning and earning his chops in the content writing industry. Due to these pre-existing plans, the loss of work was not as devastating as it might have been otherwise.

When the layoff occurred, Jeremy decided to go full-time with content writing and strategy, having built and developed several successful websites already at this point. With a growing client list and more and more demands for his writing services, Jeremy hired a few freelance writers and started developing his writer training courses and marketing strategies. Diving full-time into SEO and content marketing, Jeremy worked 16 hours a day for the next two years to build up and develop his client’s sites under his company, operating as Farm 6 Media.

In 2022 Jeremy decided to shift gears and commit whole-heartedly to his content marketing endeavors and re-branded Ark Mountain, transforming it into Hyperwave Media Group Ltd. Hyperwave was then subsequently divided into four primary divisions based on previous successes and client groups:

Our Mission

Our mission at Hyperwave Content is to provide the best informational content writing services for small to medium-sized businesses. We focus on providing excellent, personalized services that cater specifically to your business’s individual needs, plans, and strategy. We craft custom content branded to match your business’s personality and target audience, striving to do this better than anyone else.

Today At Hyperwave

Today Hyperwave Content services businesses worldwide, helping many businesses to achieve the growth they want and need. Think of us as a craft brewery of content marketing. We don’t produce the quantity that the big brands might, but like a craft brewery, the beer is typically much better. Or, in this case, the informational content.

Our writers must endure a rigorous training program, which you can see at Niche Workshop. Freelance writers or staff writers all make the same mistakes, and we’ve created and crafted a training system over the years that develops the writer’s into masters of informational content. We’re so proud of our training program. We turned it into a live course due to popular demand from our clients for more writers of this caliber.

We are a small business and have a place in our hearts for all small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs, so if you fall into one of those categories, we’d love to help you here at Hyperwave Content.

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